Amazon Getting Ready To Shoot
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Mz Amazon - Behind The Scenes
What's good fam, here is a photo of Mz. Amazon getting ready for her shoot.  Some behind the scene photos.  That Booty is looking right!  She just made the cut to shoot with us... measuring in with a 50 incher.  This is a shoot from the past and we need to shoot her again because her booty looks like it got a lil phatter.  More inches on that booty is always a good look for those of us who love BIG BOOTIES.  It's nothing like a Big Naturally Phat Ass!  It's a shame we have to say natural but hey... that's how bad things have got these days with all of the injections and booty enhancements.  We don't beleive in booty enhancements... Either you have it or you don't, it's just as simple as that!  What do yall think about them?
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