Model: Beyond Thickness

Measurements: 45-39-75
Measurements: 190.5 cm

Very very very beautiful from head to toe
Quote Jeffery Ford's commment
Jeffery Ford at 08:42PM, Oct 12th 2017.
The one thing I have always loved about this site is that it brings new talent. This woman is amazing, and is a black mans dream. She looks good, gorgeous melanin, photogenic, has curves for days and you can tell she natural and blessed because you can see the beautiful stretch marks on her. Love this woman, please have more of her.
Quote Birdman's commment
Birdman at 06:20PM, Jun 23rd 2017.
Wow, I absolutely love this woman. Perfectly thick and beautiful. Please more of her, and post videos too.
Quote Kenneth's commment
Kenneth at 06:09PM, Jun 23rd 2017.
One of these wemen I saw she was the first one on the site I own my own real hip-hop company I'm from the hood I plan on getting the redbone pregnant
Quote wolfman jenkins's commment
wolfman jenkins at 05:27PM, Apr 28th 2017.
Wow, I absolutely love this womans look. She absolutely is the best on this site, and that's saying a lot because you have many legends on here. She has a cute face, small waist and absolutely huge hips, thighs and ass. This is the epitome of thickness. And I love being able to see those cute ass stretch marks, that's such a turn on with a thick ass woman.
Quote Jeremiah's commment
Jeremiah at 05:43PM, Mar 8th 2017.
She is very sexy, the short hair her beautiful face and that body. Those legs are amazing,her hips are to die for. She's my favorite.
Quote Rob's commment
Rob at 09:10AM, Feb 6th 2017.
I'm in love...
Quote Blair narcisse's commment
Blair narcisse at 08:50AM, Jan 27th 2017.
75 inches of booty is just crazy. She has a beautiful body shape and a sexy BBW figure to match. She's the perfect combo of having a brickhouse figure and a MACK TRUCK ass! Excellent find my man!
Quote James's commment
James at 12:05AM, Jan 13th 2017.
Woow. This is IT.This best BOOTY I have ever seen.
Quote Tony Lee's commment
Tony Lee at 03:53PM, Jan 11th 2017.
I am old enough that very little renders me in awe, but this woman, Babycakes, has done just that. Her thighs, so huge, are in a class by themselves. Her buttocks, 75 inches -- oh, to be on my knees with my arms wrapped around her, my face buried deep in her tasty ass. Her upper body, the 39 inch waist, looks like pretty much most women, and her face, she is an angel of beauty. The total package!
Quote Chris Holden's commment
Chris Holden at 09:47PM, Jan 9th 2017.
Flat out beautiful woman. Her face is pure female beauty. Yes, I agree that her lower body is magnificent, but her face ... WOW!!!
Quote Deke's commment
Deke at 06:55AM, Jan 9th 2017.
Daaamn! She is absolutely beyond, with a pretty face to boot! Big ups on this find my brother!
Quote Harlemite's commment
Harlemite at 04:14PM, Jan 8th 2017.
Especially astonishing and imprerssive about Babycakes is that her upper body, above the hips, falls within the mainstream femme body dimensions. At the heavier end, for sure, but well within the so-called female norm. Her breasts are 45, and he waist is a not-exactly slender 39 inches, hardly unique among today's woman. Which is why her muscles stand out, her powerful-looking biceps and her stomach, can almost see the rock-hard abs through her smooth flesh. And then comes her awe-inspiring lower body. Wow! 75 inch buttocks, man, if I was on my knees, face buried deep in her rear cleavage, would just barely be able to clasp my finger wrapped around her. Same with her massive thighs. Oh, to feel them wrapped tight around my pathetic head, squeezing tight. My head wound disappear between them. Babycakes is a keeper!!!
Quote Jay's commment
Jay at 02:43PM, Jan 8th 2017.
Her appetizing ass -- would so adore tossing her salad, for hours -- is 75 glorious inches. That is more then six feet around. And bet her gorgeous thighs are a yard in circumference each. Oh, to be her bf, talk about going to Heaven. But I know darned well I'd do exactly as I was told. Her biceps are thicker than my thighs. The look on her face, standing in the kitchen, like her bf or hubby has just done something really stupid, and she's tired of his dumb excuses and is ready to kick his dumb male butt to smithereens.
Quote frank's commment
frank at 09:54PM, Jan 7th 2017.
Man, this lady is put together. Those upper arms, her muscles, combine them with her jaw-dropping thighs, and that look she's giving. Don't give her any lip. Love to come home to her, drop-dead gorgeous, but not if I'd pissed her off. She could break me into bits and pieces. The woman of tomorrow, here today.
Quote Dan's commment
Dan at 07:02PM, Jan 7th 2017.
Agree with above comments. She has an ideal shape, most of her weight is below the hips, hence the stunning ass and thick brawny thighs.
Quote Jack's commment
Jack at 01:07PM, Jan 7th 2017.
Flawless! Perfect above and below hips balance. Above: Powerful rounded shoulders, solid and muscular biceps, firm flesh absorbing six-pack abs. Below. Thick and wide and delectable reverse pyramid buttocks, with luscious and dominant nut-cracker thighs. And a gorgeous face. This is a woman for the ages.
Quote John Mulholland's commment
John Mulholland at 01:14PM, Jan 6th 2017.
Gorgeous proportions. Perfect balance above and below hips. Poweful shoulders. Solid, muscular biceps. Six-pack abs visible beneath smooth stomach. Delicious buttocks, spreading out in perfect reverse pyramid, offering a flawless lead into strong, luscious nut-cracker thighs. She is the perfect female.
Quote John Mulholland's commment
John Mulholland at 10:23AM, Jan 6th 2017.

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