Measurements: 59 INCHES
Measurements: 150 cm

She's sweet! Beautiful ass!
Quote O\'Brien Emmanuel's commment
O\'Brien Emmanuel at 12:17PM, May 6th 2017.
Nice n thick i like
Quote james's commment
james at 05:37AM, May 3rd 2017.
Hi love you must come back to Africa,specifically South Africa that is where you belong. The mother land,love you stax.
Quote Lunga 's commment
Lunga at 07:43PM, Mar 31st 2017.
That's honestly a woman ofmy size everything my
preferece. If I had her in my life I would treat her like a queen
Quote Stefan 's commment
Stefan at 06:39PM, Mar 28th 2017.
I can't get enough of her. 2 thumbs up!
Quote Jarvis 's commment
Jarvis at 07:49AM, Mar 16th 2017.
I can't get enough of her. 2 thumbs up!
Quote Jarvis 's commment
Jarvis at 09:56PM, Mar 15th 2017.
her body can still be just as it is in 50 years..
Quote buster's commment
buster at 10:24AM, Mar 12th 2017.
It's been worth the wait getting to see her.
Quote Willie's commment
Willie at 10:49AM, Mar 9th 2017.
Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Ms. Hydro has the Phattest Natural ASS in the Game today!!! #1 #UltimateFantasy #BlackChicks #ROCK
Quote DaKid's commment
DaKid at 08:27AM, Mar 9th 2017.
Now you are talking. Why did it take you so long to induct her into this site? Well you have done a great job.

Last time I subscribed I was disappointed as you have no meaningful videos.

Start shooting great videos and I will become a member again.
Quote Emmanuel (Sucker For Scarlett) 's commment
Emmanuel (Sucker For Scarlett) at 03:00PM, Mar 7th 2017.
belle femme est agréable je l adoore
Quote refobass's commment
refobass at 04:41AM, Mar 7th 2017.
Gorgeous, with a bod to match! Daamn!
Quote Harlemite's commment
Harlemite at 03:13PM, Mar 6th 2017.
This is so stunning I love the photo it so attractive,nice clean bum is so beautiful please send more and more.
Keep up the good work it keeps me happy.
Quote Daniel's commment
Daniel at 07:48AM, Mar 6th 2017.
It's about time she is underrated.
Quote Grant's commment
Grant at 09:53PM, Mar 5th 2017.

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