This page is strictly for the ladies, without the ladies there would be no Beautiful Curvy Models for us men to enjoy. So we had to first let that be known and pay our respects!  Every woman has a unique beauty about herself whether she has recognizes it yet or not. That's no Bullshit... it's simply the Truth! Most aren't ready to hear that because they've never heard it before but it needs to be heard. We hope that every woman becomes aware of the beauty they possess and the influence it has on their self-love, culture and society.

We sincerely hope that our work reflects the Beautiful Features of Curvy Women and not be confused with anything less. Even though some of the photos you may see online are a bit trashy. It's our goal to produce Sexy & Tasteful images that do not shame but encourage plus size women to love themselves and their bodies. While enjoying life, having fun and satisfying an audience that LOVES the Urban Plus Size Culture.

The subscription form below is to keep in contact with you and allow us stay connected via our movement. Whether you are an Aspiring Plus Size Model that would love to work with us one day or you just want to show your love, support for our movement and stay connected. We ask that you subscribe with as much information you feel comfortable with sharing, don't worry it's in good hands. We may occasionally send out emails that will keep you up to date with contests, model searches and merchandise we look forward to having for sale.

If you have any Questions "Click Here" and if you would like to sign our wall by commenting below. Please feel free to do so! We want to thank you for your time and we'll connect soon ;)

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